Meat & Eggs

Ordering Beef, Eggs & Farm Products

Your deposit goes toward your final price.

Prices for beef are as follows:

Variety Box of Beef

$7 lb for a 30 lb variety box 
includes burger, different variety of steaks, and roasts. 

Don't have enough space to order a whole/half/quarter beef? This is a great option for families who can't take on a large amount of beef at one time. Whether you're living in an urban apartment, or on a rural country homestead, this box is one of our most ordered options.

Whole/Half/Quarter Beef Options

If you're looking to save quite a bit of money on grass-fed beef, buying a whole, half, or quarter of beef is extremely frugal and efficient.

Whole  Beef
$4.25 hanging weight
A $500 deposit is required to reserve a whole beef, 30 days in advance 

Half or Quarter Beef
$4.50 hanging weight
A $250 deposit is required to reserve a half/quarter beef, 30 days in advance.

— Beef By Cut —

The above diagram shows, in quite detail, many of the cuts that you can request at time of butchering your half or whole beef. Please keep in mind that these cuts may be bigger or smaller, depending on the particular cattle.

Farm Fresh Eggs | $4.00 per dozen

Our farm fresh eggs come from our own flock of pasture ranged chickens that roam our farm daily. Easily add these on to your weekly order for pick up in town or at the farm!

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