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Ryan & Brittney Hoffman
Farmers & Owners of Graceland Cattle Farm
In 2008, a farm boy and a country girl decided to spend the rest of their lives together. A farmhouse and three kids later, Graceland Cattle Farm was born. Since starting our family and buying our farm almost a decade ago, we've grown substantially in love, grace, and livestock.

On our farm, we believe that running a business that is full of integrity is an integral part of building our community. 

We believe in raising our animals as holistically as possible, which includes raising them completely on pasture from start to finish. Treating them (be it pink eye, or summertime flies) with the most holistic practices we can find. And we believe in taking care of ourselves as well. 

Being good stewards of the earth is more than just farming, it's a belief that if you treat your body well, and your animal's bodies well, that in the end, you'll reap the blessings and benefits with a greater connection to your land.

On our farm, not only are our animals free range, but so is our family. When the kids aren't helping around the farm, they are off playing in the creek, building tree forts, digging in the dirt, and chasing chickens. We believe in raising our family on good food, good dirt, and the good Lord. And we take pride in offering our amazing farm products to our community, to help people and families grow in knowledge and health in a world that is consistently on a fast track away from slow food.

While we do love visitors, we are not currently taking on visits to the farm. Pick up is by appointment only, or at a designated meeting place (or delivery). Because we practice bio-security for our animals, we greatly appreciate our customers taking into consideration the health of our animals and cross contamination from other farms and outside sources.

Thanks for stopping by—we're always here, so please ask any questions you may have!

Two of the three farm kids.

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